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House Concert: The Tavern

Brooklyn T's, 4795 Rinconada Drive, Santa Rosa, CA

 A night of songs and poetry focusing on dusting out the cobwebs of our souls and noticing where we are in life. The poet Rumi says in his poem the tavern that our life on this earth is like we are all drunks in a Tavern waiting for whomever brought us here to take us home. This concert will speak of the lighter things in life and celebrate this "prison for drunks." : )  Click Link for Tickets.  PLEASE PREPAY FOR TICKETS.  No tickets available at door.

$10.00 and bring a bottle of wine

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trent yaconelli

  Trent Yaconelli is a songwriter, singer, writer, tour bus fixer, soup chef, husband, and monster fighter for his two young sons.  Trent grew up in the small town of Yreka, Ca son of  a preacher      (so naturally he chose bars and rock n roll as a career).  He currently resides in Santa Rosa , Ca with his beautiful wife Ondrejka and sons Wilder and Easton.  

  His music has been heard in film and television as well as making the Billboard charts.   He has spent 15 years on the road playing sold out rock shows and not so sold out shows with his band  Five A.M.   Trent released rock albums with Five A.M. in 2001, 2003, 2005, 2008 and 2014.  All music is available on iTunes. 

 Trent recorded and perform some of his more personal songs in intimate settings across the country with his solo material.   His house concerts continually sold out and mixed poetry, music, storytelling, laughter and tears. He is known to in one moment break your heart with a song about love, pain, and redemption and in the next moment have you laughing over  a story involving a bar fight, chilli cheese fries and a peppermint flavored thong.  He believes deeply in singing about and talking about everything that makes us human, everything that makes  us shine and everything that we try so hard to hide.  Trent's favorite songs are the ones that shine a light on those dark places.

 Trent's c.d. Birdwings was released in June of 2011.  Birdwings was softer, gentler songs than his normal rock offerings.   Birdwings is composed of songs that go after topics like  the "dark night of the soul", forgiveness, letting go and most of all love.  In the midst of recording his second solo record, Trent lost his home in the Tubbs fire.  All of his guitars, recording equipment and new recordings were wiped out.  It has taken awhile to regroup and head back into the studio.   Trent is currently working with old Five A.M. friend and guitar player Zach Hammer on a new band project due out in 2024.